Inflammation of the gums, aphthae & herpes - quick relief - Conaskin helps

Conaskin tincture: oral care

Rapid relief of your complaints. Without chemistry. With the caring, protective properties of New Zealand Manuka honey, the natural product of the Maori that has been tried and tested for centuries. The patented combination of PropolisManuka honey and  Aloe vera in Conaskin tincture helps quickly and effectively in cases of aphthous ulcers, Herpes and Inflammation of the gums.

Conaskin Oral Care by the Shore

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Protects your gums during pregnancy, 100% natural

Conaskin Oral Care by the Shore

Conaskin tincture: Can be found in every pharmacy.

Our natural oral care product - available in every pharmacy.

Conaskin Oral Care by the Shore

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Conaskin oral care: optimal care for braces wearers.

Recommended by dental hygienists and dentists.

Nancy Moder, dental hygienist

"I am convinced of Conaskin tincture and would be happy to recommend it to my patients if they have gum problems."

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Nancy Moder, dental hygienist

»As a practically active dental hygienist and certified nutritionist, oral health, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are of course very important to me. As a result, I prefer to recommend natural alternatives to my patients. Conaskin In my opinion, it fulfills all the criteria for a natural and compatible product. In addition, it is easy to use by simply applying it to the oral mucosa and has good adherence on the part of our patients. "

Implaneo Munich | Nancy Moder is a board member of the VDDH

Birgit Schlee, dental hygienist

»As a dental hygienist with a biologically sustainable focus, I am always looking for products with natural ingredients. I discovered valuable Manuka honey, propolis and aloe vera for myself. Conaskin oral care tincture combines this in an effective combination. Whether with herpes, aphthae or pressure sores, my patients report rapid relief from their symptoms and rapid healing. "

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Conaskin 5ml bottle for gingivitis

The 5 ml single bottle, beneficial for gingivitis, aphthae and irritations in the mouth.

Conaskin 5ml bottle + cotton swab

The 5 ml single bottle as a practical complete set with a pack of 100 environmentally friendly cotton swabs.

Conaskin 1,5 ml - for inflammation of the gums

1,5 ml tincture for on the go - proven Conaskin recipe & plastic-free cotton swabs

High quality natural product made from Manuka honey, propolis & aloe vera protects and cares for your gums

Did you know that honey, propolis and aloe vera have always been used as healing natural products? But these precious health donors have not only been used as food for millennia. They also provide valuable services in protecting against skin irritation, in relieving inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) or in other complaints of the lips and mouth, e.g. B. Herpes and aphthae.

Do something good for yourself and your body - with our high-quality natural product made from Manuka honey, propolis and aloe vera. Pure nature - for healthy gums.

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Conaskin: Natural Ingredients

Conaskin - the original with the NATRUE label

Every product that a NATRUELabel must consist of natural, near-natural or nature-identical ingredients.

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Tested and certified natural product according to the strict NATRUE criteria.


Patented combination of Manuka honey & propolis.


Often after the first application.


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The South Sea myrtle - the origin of the valuable natural product Manuka honey